... to the offical web site of GLYPHOTEXT, the XXIst Century software for editing Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Texts, a software dedicated to the professional as well as to the amateurs.

Features of GLYPHOTEXT

GLYPHOTEXT (we call it GOT) is a modern hieroglyphic text editor, WYSIWYG, opened and complete. It runs under Windows (98 / Millenium / 2000 / XP). The result of nearly 2 years of work, GOT offers a wide range of tools for the full creation of hieroglyphic documents, including transliteration and translation.


In order to really test GLYPHOTEXT, you can download the fully functional evaluation version, valid for 30 days. After that period, you must buy the software to get a user license.

Glyphotext.net community forums

The developpers of GLYPHOTEXT have the ambition to assemble the different users into a vast and active group of interest. The best way to start is through a public space where people can have discussions, exchange their ideas and bring their contribution to all.

See the user Manual of GLYPHOTEXT

In order to get a more visual insight of GOT and the way it works, nothing is better then having a good look at its components!

Support to users

GLYPHOTEXT is a living product! We thus intend to continue its development (upgrades and new versions). In the same way, if you need technical help, you can count on a fast and efficient service.

Contacting us

You have questions ? You wish to drop us a line or two ? Please contact us through e-mail at the following address :