Glyphotext Features

Importation and Exportation hieroglyphic texts

Glyphotext can import from .GLY files

Glyphotext will convert as accurately as possible texts that have been edited in WinGlyph. 95% of converted texts are usable as is. But since LPDH (the encoding language used in Glyphotext) is much richer than the Manuel de Codage, some aspects of GLY texts cannot be converted, while other functions and parameters are simply non-existant in GLY texts.

Nevertheless, with a quick and simple revision of the converted text, you will obtain a text identical to what it was in WinGlyph, and by adding the richer features and display functions of Glyphotext, the text will look even better than its original!

Exporation of hieroglyphs to Microsoft Word™ or other applications

Glyphotext exports to the EMF (Enhanced Meta File) graphics format, which is compatible with many Windows applications (and even on other operating systems). You can export specific fragments of your Glyphotext documents, or entire texts and so that they can be embedded in other documents, such as Microsoft Word™, Excel™ or Powerpoint™ documents.