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LPDH Reference

Basic Syntax

A line of LPDH is a line of Hieroglyphs

MDC: The notion of end-of-line marker (!) is not present nor needed in LPDH, since carriage return characters implicitely introduce line endings.

A line of LPDH code has a direct correspondance with the line of hieroglyphs it renders. When you insert a new line in the LPDH editor, a new line (or column if you are working in column mode) of hieroglyphs is inserted.

Describing and positioning a quadrat

MDC: The notion of quadrat separator (use of the hyphen (-) is not present nor needed in LPDH, since space characters implicitely separate quadrats on a line.

To insert a quadrat, you simple need to type in the codes of the glyphs (or the group) that form the quadrat. The source code that describes a quadrat must not contain spaces. Spaces are what separate quadrats.

A1         --> a simple quadrat (containing only one glyph)
sbA        --> a simple quadrat, for which the phonetic code of glyph N14 was entered 
A1:N1      --> a complex quadrat (supreimposing glyph A1 over glyph N1) 
RD*m       --> A red dot (RD) followed horizontally by "m" (G17)
N37a&D58_1 --> a simple quadrat containing a group code