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LPDH Reference

Document Line Numbering

Document line numbers

Each document can include a left margin (specified in the Document Page Setup dialog), to allow to include line numbering (or any other text if you wish, provided that the text fits the width and height).

Document line numbers are specified at the beginning of the LPDH line, with the following code: +n("...").

The same string rules apply with +n as with the +T (see the Embedding Latin Text topic).

+n("Urk. 647,2") +L("1")  G106&N6 S2 -->
       Urk. 647,2 will be printed in the left margin.

Source (Physical) line numbers.

You can insert special markers representing source line numbers at any point in the LPDH code, with the +L("") code.

Their appearance can be customized (color and style) in the Document Page Setup dialog.

+L("2 (broken)")