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LPDH Reference


LPDH stands for Language for Positioning and Description of Hieroglyphs.

It is the language used by Glyphotext to allow you to create Egyptian hieroglyphic texts. It is based on the excellent Manuel de Codage, but extends its specification to provide greater control and features in the hieroglyphic text. It also makes the language features more rigid (although still flexible) to simplify and standardize texts created with it.

Note: throughout the LPDH reference manual, whenever you see MDC, it means the following text is a note referencing the Manuel de Codage, to explain or point out a difference and help you make the transition from MDC to LPDH (although the transition should be quite smooth, except maybe in some specific areas).

LPDH is designed to be terse and productive at typing hieroglyphs and within the context of Glyphotext, it is surrounded by a powerful interface that allows to produce hieroglyphic content without requiring to know all specific codes in order to render hieroglyphs.

At the heart of Glyphotext resides the LPDH editor. This window allows to type the LPDH codes to render hieroglyphs in the Hieroglyphs Window (above it).