Table of Contents

Glyphotext 1.0 User manual

Tips and tricks

  1. To rapidly access a glyph in the library: press F2, then use the cursor to scroll through the categories. Or : press F2 then enter the letter corresponding to the category you want (example : press F2, then G. This will load the G. category (birds).
  2. To see only the 779 standard glyphs (most useful 90% of the time), click on the button located in the Library toolbar. If you want to see all signs again, click on the same button (it acts as a toggle-switch).
  3. To view a zoomed sign from the Library (to look-up details, for instance), first select the sign, then press the button. You may leave open the zoom window while working. Small tip: drag the zoom window in the bottom-left corner of Glyphotext. Glyphotext will remember the Zoom window settings, meaning its visibility, size and position will be restored every time you launch the application.
  4. You can rapidly access the King list by pressing F6.
  5. To create or modify a group: First type the glyphs to create a normal quadrat, (separating them with a colon (:) or an asterisk (*). Then right-click on that quadrat in the hieroglyphic window to bring up its contexual popup menu, and select the Form a group... command. The Group Editor will show up, with all the glyphs of the selected quadrat. Apply the proper modifications to your glyphs and click Ok.

    Important Note : this last method makes it possible to reposition/resize glyphs which, when combined in a quadrat, become too small. You can thus, according to your needs, refine the positoning and scale of the individual glyphs in a quadrat, even if it is not a group (ligature) in the usual sense of the term.
  6. To navigate rapidly in the Library sub-categories : Under Windows XP, once a category of glyphs is visible, you can type the code of a sign and get instantly to it. Try this as an example: type F2 followed by n, and finnaly type N5. Without clicking anywhere, you instantly reached the glyph!
  7. To select an entire quadrat : if no glyphs are selected in the quadrat, click on it, or double-click if one glyph is already selected in that quadrat.
  8. To select a single glyph in a quadrat containing many glyphs : first click on the quadrat (the entire quadrat is highlighted), then click on the desired glyph.
  9. In order to select a sequence of many glyphs (many adjacent quadrats): Click on the first desired quadrat; then, while holding down the Shift key, click on the last quadrat of the desired sequence.
  10. Other tips & Tricks will be available, though usage ...