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Glyphotext 1.0 User manual

Group Editor

The Group Editor allows to fine-tune the positioning and scale of glyphs within a quadrat.

One can bring up the Group Editor in a number of ways :

How to use the Group Editor

Working with the Group Editor is straitforward: you simply add glyphs which form the group, by pressing . You then modify the glyphs (dimension, position and orientation) according to your needs.

The green lines of the grid indicate the virtual square of a quadrat. Nothing prevents you from exceeding the limits of the virtual quadrat (it's often practical to do so horizontally). Note that vertically, if your group exceeds the height of the virtual quadrat, the group will be redimensioned to fit the line height when inserted in the document; this will reduce the glyphs proportionally.

You can use the mouse to move around glyphs in the quadrat. You can also exert a more refined control using the arrow keys on the keyboard (up, down, left and right). The selected glyph will be thus moved one unit (pixel) at a time. If you hold down the Shift key while pressing on the arrow keys, the selected glyph will be moved by 10 units (pixels) at a time.

NOTE: if clicking on a glyph doesn't select it, but rather selects another one, it is because the bounding box of this other glyph covers the area of the glyph that you try to select. In this case, you can select the smaller glyph by clicking on its code in the list of the components on the left.