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Glyphotext 1.0 User manual

Historical background of Glyphotext

The idea for Glyphotext was born somewhere in mid Octobre 2002, through a collaboration between Michel Guay, historian / egyptologist, and Charles Bédard, software programmer and analyst.

The initial objective was to provide a simple and fast way to produce hieroglyphic texts in electronic form.

Gradually, even before development began, a more complete and fundamental view concerning the problematic of editing hieroglyphic texts started to emerge. It was not any more the simple production of glyphs for representing the hieroglyphs, but to craate as well an environment for all aspects of text processing, taking into account all inherent activities related to the edition of hieroglyphic texts.

At the time of writing these pages, more than 22 months have passed since the first moment of work. Glyphotext is now offered in its first version.