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Glyphotext 1.0 User manual

Personal Lists

The section for personal lists in Glyphotext is like your own library, where you can store specific useful glyphs (for example, those you frequently use). Moreover, it is there that you can modify groups.

The possible classification of your personal lists is simpler than that of the Glyphotext Library, in the sense that only 2 sub-lists exist: glyphs and groups.

List of glyphs

From the Library, by right-clicking on a selected glyph, you can add a glyph to your personal glyph list.

List of groups

Basic groups from the Library can be added to your personal lists, the same way as for glyphs (right-click on a selected glyph and choose Add to personal list).

Groups can also be added from documents, by right-clicking on a group in the hieroglyphic text and executing Add to your personal list.

You can also create new groups by calling the Group Editor, with the Create a group button in the Personal Lists toolbar. Those new groups are then automatically inserted in your group list.


Functions on groups (from the Personal Lists toolbar)

Embed the code of the selected element at the cursor position in the LPDH window.
Show the zoom window (to larger see the graphic).
Create a new group (calls the group editor in creation mode).
Edit a selected group ((calls the group editor in editing mode).
Delete the selected element.

NOTE: Deleting a glyph (such as A1) does nothing but remove its presence from your Personal lists, but does not delete the glyph in the Glyphotext Library.