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Glyphotext 1.0 User manual


The macros in Glyphotext are a powerful tool enabling you quickly reproduce snippet (fragment) of LPDH code by typing a mnemonic code.

The LPDH code inserted through a macro may vary in length, extending on one or several lines.

The nature of the macros can go from a simple hieroglyphic code which you want to insert (typing a mnemonic which you can remember more easily than the glyph code), up to the automatic composition of long sequences of quadrats, thus avoiding you repeating the code to be typed each time.

Thus, do not hesitate to create your own macros and to exchange them with other users!

How to insert a macro

Embedding LPDH code corresponding to a macro can be done in two different ways :

  1. By double-clicking on the name of the macro in the proper list
  2. By typing, in the LPDH window, the "=" character (equal) followed by the name of the macro. Note that Glyphotext will replace the "=" and the name of the macro by the corresponding LPDH code.

Function buttons available in the macro toolbar

Insert the LPDH code of the selected macro at the cursor position in the LPDH window.
Create a new macro. The macro property window then show up.
Modify a selected macro. The macro property window then show up.
Delete the selected macro.